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China Steel Corporation (CSC), located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was established in December 1971. Its annual output of crude steel is about 10 million metric tons. The main products are steel plates, bars, wire rods, hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, electrogalvanized coils, electrical steel coils, and hot-dip galvanized steel coils. It is currently the largest domestic steel manufacturer with a domestic market share of more than 50%. About 66% of its products are domestically consumed and 34% exported mostly to Mainland China (Hong Kong included), Japan, and Southeast Asia.

CSC is very active in innovation and has strong capability to put the innovations into practice. The company’s vision is “We aspire to be a trustworthy steel company of global distinction that pursues growth, environmental protection, energy saving and value-innovation.” CSC actively puts in practice its corporate values of “teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, down-to-earthness and pursuit of innovation”, as well as its operational concepts of “promotion of social well-being, result orientation, implementation of teamwork, and emphasis on employees’ self-realization.” Apart from continuing to cultivate in the steel industry, CSC is also committed to assisting the related downstream industries to upgrade and enhance the overall international competitiveness of the steel industry.

Shandong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd (SISG) was established on Mar. 17,2008, with a registered capital of 11.193 billion RMB. SISG is the limited liability company invested by State-owned assets supervision and administration committee of shandong provincial people’s government, Shandong Guohui investment Limited Company and Shandong social security fund council.

The subsidiaries and auxiliary organizations of SISG include: Jinan Iron & Steel Group Ltd. Co., Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Ltd. Co., SISG Mining Company Ltd., Shandong Vocational College of Industry, SISG real estate Company Ltd., SISG International trading Company Ltd., SISG Financial Holding (Shenzhen)Company Ltd., SISG Yongfeng Zibo Company Ltd., SISG Finance Company Ltd.,Shanxin Software Company Ltd., Shandong Refractory Materials Company, Zibo Zhanggang Ltd. Co. and three A-share listed companies include Shandong Iron & Steel Corporation, Shandong Jinling Iron Mine Company and Zhongtai Securities as well as a H-share listed company: Luzheng futures Ltd. Enterprise credit rating ranks AAA.

Taking the opportunity of rebuilding the state-owned capital investment company as an opportunity, SISG actively constructs the “1 + n” (one state-owned capital investment company plus several industrial companies) organizational structure, focuses on the development of “ferrous metal mining, smelting and processing, steel trade and services, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and technical services”, and cultivates and develops industrial finance, industrial park development and operation, and information Technology and other strategic emerging industries. The iron and steel industry adheres to the principle of “highlighting coastal areas, optimizing inland areas, paying equal attention to fine products and scale”. It has national advanced production lines for medium and heavy plate, cold and hot rolled sheet, section steel, excellent special steel, bar and wire rod.

SISG firmly establishes the customer-oriented concept, strives to promote business model innovation, creates a “five in one” collaborative mechanism of customers, talents, marketing, production and R & D, and has formed strategic partnership with more than 100 large enterprise groups at home and abroad.

SISG adheres to safety development and green development, and forms a safety and environmental protection prevention and control system of “horizontal to the edge, vertical to the bottom”. With the implementation of safety and environmental protection responsibility system as the core, strengthen the construction of basic safety foundation and double prevention mechanism, and continuously improve the level of essential safety production. SISG will continue to promote the implementation of the green development action plan and the transformation of ultra-low emission of iron and steel, and lead the steel enterprises.


ASTM A841 Gr.B Class2

This grade is a new specifi cation of thermal-mechanical control process (TMCP) steel plates for pressure vessels possessing high yield strength, high charpy V-notch impact absorption energy at low temperature and low carbon content to obtain excellent weldability that are the best used in pressure vessel at low temperature environment (note: heat-treatment temperature during or after fabrications shall not exceed 650℃ )

JIS G3101 SS400 -Steel Plates for Laser Cutting

This grade of steel plate has special surface quality to prevent problems from laser cutting such as nozzle blocking or miss-focusing, and providing good cutting quality


This grade of steel plate has excellent seismic resistance due to properties of extremely low yield strength and yield ratio that are the best used in steel structural parts of buildings for absorbing elastic potential energy released by earthquake and protect main structure


This grade of chromium and molybdenum steel plate has excellent formability to attain high dimensional & shape accuracy after forming, also possesses excellent wear-resistance, toughness, heat- resistance to prevent abrasion or fracture that are best used in mold

CNS 13812 SN490YB/YC

The yield/tensile strength ratio of this grade of steel plate has been designed below 80% (YS: 325~445 MPa) to absorb maximum elastic potential energy released by earthquake that enables uniform plastic deformation within thickness range of 40.01~ 80.00mm and prevents buildings & constructions from collapsing.


This grade of high strength structural steel plate belongs to the specification of HI-TEN590C group, and possesses very low C, S, P etc elements to obtain excellent weldability and toughness that are the best used in heavy machinery such as forks of power lift truck and dipper buckets of hydraulic shovel.


This grade of structural steel plate possesses characteristics of fire-resistance through effects of alloying elements, and provides feature of yield strength at 600°C (873K) being 2/3 or more of the specifi ed minimum yield strength at room temperature that are the best used in fire-resistant structure of high-rise buildings, factories and laboratories.

CSC SM570M (Building Structure)

This grade of structural steel plate has higher strength than the general structures of building. Its strengths can be classifi ed into 4 classes (A, B, C and C HW). In addition to excellent weldability, toughness and ultra-high strength, the class of C HW is applicable to high heat input welding that are the best used in structure of highrise buildings such as Taipei 101 and Taipei Gemini towers.

ASTM A516 HIC (The pressure vessel of Hydrogen Induced Crack resistant)

This grade of steel plate has ultra-low C. P. S. elements, the design of proper alloy and the addition of special process, as well as provides resistance to hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and controlling crack length ratio (CLR) below 15% that are the best used in those environments with high H2S.

ABS EH47(Hull plate)

This grade of high-strength steel plate for shipbuilding has low sulfur and low phosphorus composition design and control of rolling mill reductions and accelerated cooling process, high cleanliness, high strength, high toughness, good welding characteristics that are applicable to the hatch coaming hull structure. In 2012, five certificates for these products were approved by the Classification Societies and then CSC provided CSBC with these products for building the large container ships

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